Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Had a fabulous day with Two Mittens It doesn't get much better than this. Sitting around in the backyard eating, talking and playing with the kids.

Moving away will bring these cosy get-togethers to an end. And I know that we'll still be in each other's lives but it won't be the same. I won't get the privilege of watching close up the boys as they grow. I can't stay with this thought for too long - my brain keeps dancing away in an attempt to keep me moving in a forward moving direction.

Had thought that THE BIG BANANA getting a job would make me feel less stressed but not so. The last couple of weeks have been hard which is why it seems so strange that it has been quite easy to avoid eating tons of sweets. Aside from the other night when I made and consumed a pan of brownies after not one - not two - but three - pull no punches fights, it has been rather easy to not snack after supper and to watch what I eat. Though did you know that ice cream cones only have 20 calories and if you buy the cheap ice cream it's practically as lowfat as the expensive lowfat ice cream?

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