Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's a Whole New World out there.

Once again I am gainfully employed.  Working as a librarian even.  How's that for working the magic.  I'm running a bookclub for 8-12 year olds.  So got to get in the scene...  ha.  that will be the day. still reading up on my junior novels, checking out other blogs for tips on how to run tween book clubs (big tip... talk about the covers).  posting to the library blog.  Thinking big ideas.  Need to learn how to use Gimp better (open source photo editing software.)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Please don't put Hitler in my group

He is impossible to work with.  Everyone is so scared of him that they just go along with whatever wacked-out idea he comes up with.  People not only agree with everything he says, they go out of their way to come up with ideas that they think he would like.  They are falling all over themselves to try and prove how good they are, and how hard they are working.  Like Haycock reminds us this can be a time of chaos where we think we are working well as a group but really we’re gearing up to invade Russia.

Twenty years ago as an undergraduate, group work scared me.  It always seemed like some A-type personality would take control of the project and leave me coasting along feeling guilty and incompetent. 

My Aunt Deb recently took a graduate level course, which ate up her weekends with group work that she couldn’t stop complaining about; this was a vivid reminder of my dislike for group work.   I admit as I try to decide what classes to take at SJSU, I wince when reading that a course involves group work.

My world was shaken then reading (I’m just too impatient to listen to the videos) Haycock and Irwin’s lectures about group work because they made me recognize the anti-group prejudices I have been harboring.  

Top 5 things that have changed in the last 20 years that will make me better at group work.

5.        Before if I was nervous about asking someone for a favor I would skirt around the issue hoping the person would volunteer – now I just ask.

4.        I have to come the truly understand that conflict is a good thing – not without consequences but necessary nonetheless.

3.        I drink coffee now.

2.        Email lets me write my message (for example asking my husband to do a job) and then go back and insert the required “smoothing the way” (for example thanking him for all his hard work) into the beginning.

1.        I understand that others can’t read my mind and that I really need to state upfront what I expect from any interaction.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes it is I the creature from the Black Lagoon

Wow it has been a long time since I posted. This time I bring librarians. In a jello and mud wrestling competition who do you think would win: Moms, give-away bloggers or librarians? Actually I bet my Mom would win, she's got all those old "growing up on the farm" moves. Plus she makes up a large portion of my earlier readership.

The girls are all in bed and I got to start school work a whole hour earlier than last night. I turned 43 today. I was considering going out dancing but instead hubby and I are sitting side by side at the kitchen table doing school work on our computers. But fear not, I did go and get my eyebrow re-pierced today. I'm eating blueberry cake from IKEA and life is good.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


my favorite food and it is being given away over at AN APPLE A DAY


my favorite food and it is being given away over at AN APPLE A DAY

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Play dough

My Organized Chaos is giving away an Elmo cool toy playdough. The girls have been really enjoying playing with a playdough picnic set that Emma got at a gift exchange at Sparks.