Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes it is I the creature from the Black Lagoon

Wow it has been a long time since I posted. This time I bring librarians. In a jello and mud wrestling competition who do you think would win: Moms, give-away bloggers or librarians? Actually I bet my Mom would win, she's got all those old "growing up on the farm" moves. Plus she makes up a large portion of my earlier readership.

The girls are all in bed and I got to start school work a whole hour earlier than last night. I turned 43 today. I was considering going out dancing but instead hubby and I are sitting side by side at the kitchen table doing school work on our computers. But fear not, I did go and get my eyebrow re-pierced today. I'm eating blueberry cake from IKEA and life is good.


Shannon Stalter said...

Happy Birthday!!

It has been a momentous week for you.
Your piercing looks awesome. Did it hurt terribly?


Mrs. M said...

Wow! Welcome back!
You are much braver than me....piercing your eyebrow!!! :)