Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I have been so emotionally up down and all around today. My period still hasn't started again since I stopped breastfeeding the wee one. I've been reading this book "28 days" and it is so so sew so fascinating. I really want my period to start again so I can read what crazy things my hormones are doing to me. One thing is that since I stopped breastfeeding I sure don't crave the chocolate and sugar like I use to.

Went for my third power walk this week and (knock on wood) my sciatica hasn't been hurting. Thank you Thank you Thank you to all the angels playing their harps on my shoulders.

In other news Miss Cirque du Soliel has been especially shrill the last few days. I really lost it day before yesterday. I've been trying harder to not do so much and give her more of my undivided attention for blocks of time. Today she was even shrilling at the other kids at the playground. It's not easy being 2 years and 4 months

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Two Mittens said...

I love those amazing looking cupcakes on the links. WOW.