Sunday, July 02, 2006

I realized this morning that I've been having re-occurring dreams about Sunday School Christmas Concerts. Last night's was hosted by Bill Richardson . I have to say the pageantry and production values have gone up in the DREAMWORLD. I'm always carrying a script which I try to read before I have to go on because I can't remember my lines. The foyer and stairs to the basement of the Brooks United Church feature predominately in these dreams. Sometimes I just slip into one of the back pews and watch everyone else. Overall the dreams are marked by a searing intensity.

I must search for a terangereal* to explore this further.

* (tried to figure out to make this come up in a pop-up but too much thinking required for the moment - will have to rely on ancient technology for this footnote.) I served my time as an addicted fan of the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan. Like I use to tell people it takes the first 1000 pages or so to warm up to the series.... I got disallusioned when all the bad guys Rand killed kept coming back to life. He just wasn't making sufficient progress for me:) And now I see Jordan has some crazy blood disease so maybe we'll never find out how it ends.

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