Saturday, September 16, 2006

I'm almost ready...

Bob Greene wants me to GET WITH THE PROGRAM
12 weeks starting with 30 min/5days/week cardio in the zone, 60 min/1 day/week, functionals (which are basically stretches and ab crunches) 6 days/week, weights 3 days/week
And 5 food rules 1. no food after 7pm 2. eat breakfast 3. drink lots of water 4. no booze 5. pay attention while you're eating. Plus some vague make healthy choices stuff.

The stumbling blocks are 1. believe it or not the booze. I've been off the bottle for so long and I had been really looking forward to being able to drink wine again.
2. Getting up at 6:15am to do the cardio. I could try squeezing it all in after the girls are in bed but it would be tough, especially some days when I'm just pooped by then.
3. I guess being consistent and committed to it for 12 weeks - cause that's a long time.

I'm already doing a fair amount of it the water, the no food after 7, the cardio every day (though it has been more like 15min in the zone), some stretches that physio gave me every day. I truly am done with people asking me if I'm pregnant (thankfully it hasn't happened since we moved). And I have a feeling that these 10-12lbs are going to be tough ones. Like I said I'm almost there...we'll see how I do getting out of bed tomorrow morning.

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Two Mittens said...

Good for you!