Friday, September 29, 2006


When I went to get my tubes tied that student doing the intake flagged my response to using an IUD - I didn't think they were very effective - and the gynecologist talked me into getting a Mirena. WOW I'm so glad I did. (Although you do have to buy the IUD from the pharmacy and bring it with you and the box is wicked big - which was good for a lot of good jokes with the hubby and the nurses) The procedure was super easy, no worse than a PAP. Just a bit of mild cramping for a day or two and my period has practically disappeared - this is the second month with just spotting. And I didn't get any of the heavy bleeding or indiscriminate spotting they warn about. No back aches, no cramps, no mess. And it lasts for 5 years.

The difference between this and the old IUD's is that it emits low levels of progesterone at the source - so to speak. Because it's right there the levels can be super low and so you don't have the side effect problems of depo provera.

Hubby has taken it as his mission to defeat the power of Mirena and impregnate me just one more time. I'm already missing Miss Zoo being a baby - but this is why I took such steps while the nine and a half months of insanity were still so fresh in my mind.

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Two Mittens said...

That sounds pretty great. I hate that stupid Pill...!