Monday, September 25, 2006

DAYLIGHT HOURS 11hrs 59min

Pretty good up here in the Colonies eh?

The dog and I went for a really nice walk up in the hills after supper (pork stew and biscuits), the leaves are turning that Alberta yellow and the air had that hint of frost in it.
Zoo is abandoning her title as "easy eater" for "Galileo" (testing the theory of gravity by dropping things off the side of her high chair). Jane Austen doesn't do this much anymore. Now the food hits the ground when she is mad; she likes to throw things and has also taken up screaming the last few days-- be prepared Grandma. We're all so excited that you're coming to visit.
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1 comment:

Two Mittens said...

The cuteness is out of control!!

Hooray for Grandma coming to visit.