Thursday, January 18, 2007

Pregnancy changed me

I don't like hottubs anymore. I use to love them. Hot springs - I'd travel for miles. Saunas - superduper I've even rolled in the snow. I'm not even that thrilled with super hot showers anymore. But they made me feel ill while I was pregnant and now I've completely lost interest. Tonight during my swimming class when the rest of the group quit 5 minutes early to sit in the hottub I just kept swimming! Oh my that's a first.

Tonight I got to use flippers wow can you go fast I jsut about wacked myself in the head I came up to the end so fast.

In other water news the girls and I have been having coloring fun in the tub. I've been mixing food coloring with soap (tried shaved bar soap yesterday but it wasn't very good today used dish soap and it was much better). IT IS TRES COOL. Strip them down, put them in the tub, they can paint each other, they can paint the sides of the tub, they can squish the paint in their hands - NO PROBLEM. When the fun has worn off I just fill the tub with water and everything washes right off PLUS it turns the water a fun color. Only problem is that cookie kept wanting to eat it. I might try pudding or dream whip, but whatever the base from now on all painting is happening in the tub.


Two Mittens said...

I love the colored 'paint' in the tub. The boys always enjoy tub time, but sometimes the monotony for me is painful. Like after the gagillionth bath, it becomes somehow less entertaining...

I think it's so coool that you're swimming!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

You have the best mom ideas! Paint in the tub...that's a must for the future.
...laughed out loud at your flipper story. That's fabulous!