Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TheTimes they are a changin

Remember how I was extolling the heavenly virtues of renting oh what was that a whole week ago? Well amidst all the other chaos around here lately was the answer to our question of whether our landlady was going to try and gouge us on the rent when our lease comes up for renewal in August. The answer YES. Another house in our culdesac I found out recently is renting for $1700 a month and the owners tried to get $2000 so a $300 raise to bring our rent to $1500 a month is just part of the current greedy gold rush mentality here in the oily north. Nevertheless too rich for our blood. So we've decided to try and buy something. We can't afford anything here or even in the bustling metropolis of Grimshaw so we're looking in the small small places around here like Williamville and Nampa and Brwyn. We're looking for something small and old and cheap. And it would seem that Cowtown is going to have to wait quite a lot longer for our return.

p.s. maybe we'll buy a church to compensate


Two Mittens said...

I always thought it would be quite fun to live in an old church! Hubby thought I was crazy though. It sounds like rent isn't any better up there than down here. OUTRAGEOUS!
You need a sweet deal like my sister in Ontario. Well, if total renovation is your thing. It was cheap though.

Good Luck in your search. Unless you want to move back...!

p.s. Thanks for the cutest ever birthday card with the bug and the bee. It arrived right on time =)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Good luck with the search!
My cousin in Iowa lives in a church...and I half-heartedly attempted to convince my husband to buy the catholic church in my hometown, renovate and have it as our "second"home..then we wouldn't have to stay with relies! Maybe someday...
A church would be super...especially with stained glass windows & lovely wood.