Friday, March 02, 2007

Lots of news

Lets start with the nasty news first. Our lovely landlady decided it didn't matter if we had a lease she was going to raise the rent in 3 months $500 to $1700/month. This was accompanied by a letter telling us not to shower in the upstairs bathroom, that the damage to the stiple was our fault and we needed to fix it at our expense and to inform her in writing of our plan to fix it, ditto the towel rack (which during the move in inspection she said that it had always been loose - but on the written inspection she had written good - which apparently almost everything was; however if she is going to be this picky there should have been notes made on every room of scrapes in paint and stains on carpet etc) and the scratches Fred had made on the back door (which are faint in the paint). Oh I leave it to your imagination to how angry this made me. I never liked her and now I know why.

The rest of the news is good however. We went the next day to look at three trailers in Grimshaw. The first at $64,000 was a deal indeed. It was in good shape but dated and worn, on a small lot right off of mainstreet. The second was $94,700 on it's own lot in a culdesac with a playground in the middle. The outside needs paint but inside it is in excellent shape. Next door at $70,000 was a real fixer-upper with a leaky add-on, panels that would need to be replaced, suspect wiring in the add-on, nasty linoleum.

We put an offer on the second trailer. Mr. Coca-Cola has accepted it and we're waiting for financing.

So WOW we're going to be Grimshawians!!! We won't have to deal with any landladies ever again and our monthly payments including property taxes will be $700. I'm a little stressed about not having a basement but we'll just have to be very non-sentimental when it comes to sorting our things and really pare down to the things that we actually use.

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Two Mittens said...

Your landlady is a Be-yatch! Can she raise your rent like that? Isn't that what a lease is for?

Oh well, getting your own place will show her! That's a great affordable monthly payment. Sending you good house vibes.