Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back on hte Bandwagon

Hearing stories about warehouses storing our carefully recycled cans and bottles because no buyer could be found and other such stories had greatly reduced my enthusiasm for recycling and I admit I've been doing a pretty half-hearted job the last few years. Along with I stopped taking my own bags to the grocery store; but today upon sighting "Canada's greenest shopping bag" at my local Extra Foods I jumped back on the bandwagon. And at $.99 it is considerable cheaper than a lot of the other ways to stop global warning.


Two Mittens said...

We have been very lazy here with any sort of recylcing, etc.
Good for you for setting such a good example!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Lovely little flip flop.

My husband hates recycling...probably because I collect the stuff and he has to deal with it. And it's keeping all that in our pantry or on the deck that drives me nuts. I've been strongly hinting that he needs to build me a recycling storage bench for the deck to keep it all out of site.