Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's out of my hands now

The movers are here (now double the price - our verbal agreement with our seller fell through for an early possession date but the movers were already booked and no hope of getting a June 1st date - so our things are going into storage for a week - that's a mistake I won't make the next time not there is going to be a next time because we are NEVER MOVING AGAIN). Grandma has the girls over at Parent Link - E got to cut the ribbon on the official opening last week as we were the first family to sign up - it was suppose to be me but of course how could I not let E do it. We love it there. They have open drop in play times 9-5 weekdays and different programs such as a french program on tuesdays and a 3yr old program on thursdays. They have lots of great staff, nice expensive creative toys, resources up the ying yang. Thank you Alberta Government. And if you live in Alberta there is bound to be one close to you because there are in a lot of tiny little bergs as well as quite a few in the big cities. We've been able to walk there from our now emptying house which has been so nice and one of the things that I will miss. One of the things that I won't miss is being a renter and beholden to the craziness of landladies. I once had a landlady kick us out because she was convinced that there was a boy living in our place - Remember her Mrs. Mittens? - Paula was trying to convince her that the boy's bicycle on the balcony was really hers but she remained undeterred. We had pillows and a cushy rug in the storage room which was our cozy little nest but this just reeked boys to her. Hmmm was it a love nest??? Not for me I was boyless that summer. Ahh memory lane.

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Two Mittens said...

Of course I remember that wackadoo!
I think most landpersons are a bit off. And moving always sucks.
But now you are owners! You can make up your own crazy rules if you want to =)