Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wonder food

Does this happen to you? All day long I think of things to write in my blog and then at night when I actually sit down at the computer I draw a complete blank and the idea of writing anything at all just seems overwhelming.

So this morning in the shower (the girls are watching GO DIEGO GO which is the new favorite) I remember that I haven't blogged about my BZZZ Silk soy campaign.

I've been doing a lot of reading about Wonder Foods and soy is often on the list. Back in the day I use to eat tons of soy and I actually drank Silk soy milk it was one of the few brands available (I had to buy it at Community Foods of course). But I've gotten out of the habit and I hadn't fed the girls any soy at all. Well I had a big success with the chocolate Silk milk. It was almost too easy. Half chocolate Silk and half cows milk and E could have kept drinking it all day. So now I give them a cup of day of chocolate milk and if I forget E is sure to remind me!

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

My friend hates cow milk and came to love chocolate soy when she was pregnant. That's her calcium & chocolate fix all in one.
Does goat milk fit in the wonder foods somewhere? We found out W is sensitive to dairy, switched to soy only to find most people who can't tolerate dairy can't tolerate soy (who knew?!) so now we're on to goat and it's been a dream. Only problem is often the stores are we stock up and freeze it. I need a little goat in my backyard!
Soy "nuts"...there's another lovely soy treat instead of nuts.