Thursday, June 28, 2007

Other People's Kids!

Had to kick 3 sisters out of our yard today. We had already had a run in at the playground with one of the girls pinching E because she wanted the toy E was on. Well E and Kid 2 both wanted the tricycle and were pushing to get on. Kid 2 won but I interveened and said that E should get the first turn since it was hers. I had to peel kid 2 off the bike and keep my arm around her to stop her from pushing E off. So after a few minutes I let go and she goes and hits E. That's when I told them to leave. (I believe there was actual smoke coming out of the top of my head). E was so upset through the whole thing. Yesterday Kid 1 took E's shoes and was running around the playground with E chasing her crying. At first I thought that the other girl was being playful. The the oldest sister Kid 3 chased down Kid 1, took the shoes back and pushed her onto the ground. Grandma is babysitting them and is watching from her patio; but she just seems to yell at them after the fact. Man is it going to be a long summer in the park.

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Two Mittens said...

What terrible little brats!
They will learn fast not to mess you you. No one messes with Mama Bear and gets away with it.
We miss going to the playground with you!