Tuesday, September 11, 2007


E has learned a new emoticon: frustrated. As in "Mommy stop singing that song it is making me frustrated". It is quite an effective strategy on her part.

Me - I'm feeling quite frustrated myself. Today looking for the stamp that I bought for Mrs. Mitten's birthday card I couldn't find it and I had no idea where I had put it. And of course I hadn't bought the book of stamps that the postal employee had recommended just the one (we go to the post office to pick up our mail so we're now regulars but it can be quite a production to get everybody out of the car and in and etc) Why can't I be more organized - frustration #1

Side note - Z keeps stealing my chairs.

Frustration #2 - Z has been so clingy lately it's driving me nuts - she's like a 9 month old who can't bear to be parted from me for a minute and she's expressing herself just like a 9 month old by screaming!

#3 Trying to accomplish anything around here while the girls are awake and #4 motivating myself to do anything around here after their asleep. And the list of things seems so long.

Yesterday I thought that I could put their shows on after lunch as per usual and then go into the bedroom and alter my pants (the clothes I bought off EBAY are too big - I'm down to 121 lbs and finally my waist has shruck a size - YAH!!!!). E of course was way too fascinated by the sewing machine to stay in the living room and both her and Z were in and out the whole time until I felt like I was going to burst a blood vessel. If I try and do anything more than wash a few dishes or a bit of laundry or part of the floor I end up getting so angry. They are excellent grocery shoppers I'll give them that and excellent errarnd runners very patient.

Frustration #5 - My darling hubby is the only one who has seen me and said anything about me loosing weight. I'm going to have to go lower than 120 to get rid of preggy belly I'd say I still look like I'm 4-5 months pregnant.

But enough...I've got dishess to do


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Aw, Mrs. Sweetpeas, I feel your frustration.
First though...CONGRATS on the shrinkage and weight loss. That's awesome! Wuhoo!!
Second...maybe we just have to put aside getting things done and change our priorities/expectations? It's hard isn't it? This drives me bonkers as nothing is ever as I want it or expect in regards to the house/accomplishments and I would MUCH rather sleep than miss naps or stay up late. Just know you're not alone in this. Hopefully there is strenght in numbers...even if the numbers are via blogs.

Two Mittens said...

Some days ALL I feel is frustration. At least until the kiddos go to bed. And them I feel frustrated because I'm too tired to do any of the things I wanted to do during the day.

Congrats on the new skinniness! You rock.
And thanks for the card. Even if it never gets mailed...I still have things to send you, but I haven't quite got it all together. Which is frustrating!!