Wednesday, March 26, 2008

HUMP day

I'm trying the "No Knead Bread" for supper tonight. I've used it as pizza dough a couple of times but yesterday I bought a stoneware pot and Im' going to try to bake a loaf. Nobody else liked the Hot cross buns except for Steven but he only ate one. But I was quite impressed with how well they rose. I would really like to learn more about bread making. Well quiet time is over...


Two Mittens said...

I have yet to make a loaf as well because I have no pot. Let us know how it turns out.

I like the whole easy bread idea too...except for all the bread I would then be eating!

There are some good tips on books etc over at

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Looking forward to hearing how your no knead bread turns out. I've yet to try it but have a friend who is a bit of an addict now.
I've made bread in my crockpot using a flower pot before. It worked surprisingly well.
As for hot cross buns, good for you! I will NEVER make them again. They take all bloody & out of the oven to knead and rise. I'm a lazy bread maker. My mom was the queen of homemade bread...we NEVER had store bought growing up, so one would think I had acquired some of her talents. Nope. I cannot make a loaf look like a loaf however I have managed buns quite well.
Okay...that's enough from me about bread!
Enjoy yours!