Wednesday, May 21, 2008

High School

Okay I don't know how many of you spend your dream time with people from high school; trust me I wouldn't have picked me to be one of those people but there you go. The other night I was talking to Shawn Johnson and punching him the arm in that juvenille I like you so I'm going to touch you by hitting you style of flirting, when Shawn started to complain of his ill treatment and I reminded him that I owed him for his dreadful treatment of me in Grade 6 when he asked me out as a joke so the whole class could laugh at me when I came back into the room ( however I had forgotten something that day and so I was waiting outside for my Mom to drop it off which freaked out Shawn enough that he took it all back before I got to the classroom which just left me puzzled when everyone started laughing).

Then later when the Aliens (in my dream, not in Grade six which actually would explain a few things) were taking over our airplane and I was leaning my head on his shoulder it turned out to be Richard Howlett's shoulder instead. Now I did have a crush on Shawn and Duane LeQuane and Jason Williams and that exchange student from New Zealand but the most significant interaction I ever had with Richard were some snarky comments exchanged at the blackboard during one of Dr. Singh's math classes. And this is not Mr. Howlett's first appearance in one of my dreams. How weird is that?


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

That's so bizarre because I've been dreaming about people from high school this week who I wasn't even friends with. I don't get it! What meaning? The dream gurus say there's meaning, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Two Mittens said...

High school seems so far away these days...can you believe we've been friends that long???
It's quite a perspective from then to now.
Aaah, the memories...!
(that's me cringing)

BLaZe said...

Ummmm, I want to know why you were taking Math from Doctor Singh in Grade 6? Some sort of wierd self-flagellation? I recently ran into a bunch of high school cronies online (Lance Wilson, Ken Lutes etc.) Good thing I'm not old like them...