Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's New?

Well there is a third baby Ehrenreich on the way, much to the pleasure of the first two who are fascinated by the idea of a baby. E keeps asking me about what the baby likes; like does the baby like zoodles? does the baby like soccer? does the baby like shots?

E started soccer last night. She came back very enthusiastic. Z too. She can't wait until she is old enough to play too!

The stomach has calmed down considerably so I'm feeling much happier about being pregnant. The sciatica hurts but nothing too bad so far and I refuse to do any physical exercise whatsoever to protect it. Also I refuse all professional intervention this time round as it was always the worst after I'd been to see somebody for treatment or followed some professional's "good" advice.

Tony is busy sending off resumes to Calgary so keeping our figures crossed this baby should be born down south.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Yay! Hurray! Hurrah! Wuhoo!!!
Congratulations you brave Momma!
When are you due? I'll send prosperity and smooth move to Calgary vibes your way.
About your back...I experienced that too with R....have you tried Arnicha Montana? It's homeopathic so completely safe while pregnant and can really help with back pain. Ihad a wonderful massage therapist here that came to my home! If you're back in town I'll pass the info on.
The girls will be too fun with this pregnancy since they are a little older. W has discovered when a lady has a baby in her tummy and is quite interested and tells me everyother day that I do too, to which I explain no, he was there & is out & I get a very enthusastic "YEAH!" in response.
So, many congrats, I hope you're feeling well, not too tired and that your pregnancy goes awesome.

Two Mittens said...

Yes, congrats again!!
It's so nice that the girls can enjoy this with you.
Be good to yourself, take it easy and enjoy this time as much as you can!