Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling Much Better Now Thank You

The amnio was on monday and aside from some stupid comments by the typical beside manner of a man who thinks he is god's gift to pregnant women everywhere it all went well. My appointment was for 8am (yes so I left here at 5am) and I was finished by 8:09am. THen my biggest problem was finding a place to shop that was open so early in the morning!
I bought a dacaena martina to clean the air in our house.

side note: will there be that much screaming every day this summer as I put sun screen on teh girls????

must go now...


Two Mittens said...

Excited to hear your results!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So glad all went well.
Sunscreen...I put it on the boys first thing in the morning while they're getting dressed...pretending it's regular body lotion...they don't scream at me yet, maybe cause one is glued to the TV and the other just wiggles trying to get away.
Hope they get into the routine of it all and the screams subside.