Friday, August 22, 2008

VBS Sonworld

E finished off a great week at vacation bible school. I was very impressed with how much volunteer work went into it; not just to run it but before hand in the elaborate decorations they made to make the church into an amusement park. At the end today they didn't just have ice cream and popcorn and clowns giving away helium balloons they also were making cotton candy in a big industrial machine. WOW! E loved it and Z was not even the least bit interested in staying for any of it. I wonder how pre-school is going to work out for Z.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

W just finished VBS too. It was put together so well & super inexpensive to enroll...amazing!
He did fairly well, but high energy & sitting are not a match sometimes. It was worth though, today at nap time I could hear him singing, "Be happy in your faith, be happy in your faith" happily and loudly. Super sweet.
What kind of preschool are you doing for Z? W will be in 1 morning a week. If he likes it & does well we can always increase in Jan.
Don't worry about's a learning experience, a work in progress for all little people. By the end of the session they are much more settled & used to the routine.

Two Mittens said...

The amusement park sounds FUN. I keep thinking how WE never went to preschool or anything, so what's the big deal!
It's so fun how they're all different.
I think I'm going to have to find something for the boys to do or we may not survive the winter!