Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh this is so much my life

This is so E

I've been feeling a bit anxious about the baby coming too soon. THe doctor yesterday said everything was fine. Now Dr. Botha is pretty laid back and I'm not sure I would have believed him if he didn't get so worked up about Z. He was telling me this little girl is a lot sicker than you think she is, she should be in the hospital, you need to go get an xray right now and wait for me to come and look at it. First he thought it was pneuonia but after looking at the xray he decided it was bronchitis. And oh how she hates the medicine the cries for daddy increase with the amount of medicine I give her.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

The E cartoon is HILARIOUS!:)
And Z is really sick? Oh I feel for her but I must admit I feel for you more, pregnant, with a sick child while hubby is away...yikes! hang in there Mrs. SP. I hope Z is improving.

Two Mittens said...

Yes, the cartoon is too funny!
B will try all sorts of plotting to get 'medicine' when he is not sick, but we have to force it down him when he really needs it. I always know when he's feeling better. The other day he got into the cupboard and ate a pack of Halls. Yuck.
We hope Zeezee is feeling better. Take your medicine!!