Monday, November 10, 2008

Leg warmers

I remember the pink striped pair that I got for Christmas one year. I wore them so much. I've also been inspired by the very chic leggings Mrs.Mittens has found/made? So I found a bunch of patterns changed them around because I didn't want to knit on such small needles and have pretty much gotten E's done. They are on hold because I have to go back and finish the thrum mittens to make sure that I have enough left over black to do the over-the-knee ribbing. Except for a few partial balls of cotton and some cotton denim yarn which you knit big and then it shrinks; I've pretty much deleted my stash. But don't worry I've already ordered some more!


Two Mittens said...

These are so cute!!
You'll have to post photos of your models wearing them.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Very stylish! I've got a recipe in my one skein book that is yet to be attempted.

So sorry I missed Tony everytime he was here! It was just a bit crazy...broken cars, broken cell phones, working all weekend, etc. I heard a lovely rumor that you'll soon be on route to Airdrie?! Which means I can hand deliver the items I have set aside for you just in time! Good luck with the move. I'll be sending you positive vibes to get through all that with ease.