Sunday, February 01, 2009

Out on the town

Tony was sick yesterday so my day out had to wait until this afternoon but away I did get.

I started out on impulse in Inglewood at the Arts on Atlantic gallery. One of the things they carry beside lots of local artists is book art. Some of it is beautifully illustrated books like "Wind in the Willows" but much more interesting were the blank books bound by local artisans and the small art filled books that reminded me of the ones made by Mrs Mittens.

Then I bought fancy dancy hot chocolate by Dufflet from their small indulgences line.. ooh they had a lot of tempting things on offer. This was at Savour. I had even recently seen a recipe that called for Japanese breadcrumbs and people call them panko please.

Now the smore that I ate at Choklat was so divine. They make their own choc from their single source beans... it should be so snooty but it is just so good. They make your truffles to order. Deb you have to try the smores when you're down this week.

Then I headed over to my original destination Puddingyarn where I immediately had to sit down and breastfeed the babe. Then I wandered around and soaked in the lovely lovelies and bought a couple things from the sale table. Woowee while I was there one person spent $217 and the other $130 for their seemingly small pile of balls.

And then home town week at Good Earth to finish it off. There was no white chocolate in my scone. I was shocked and appalled.


Two Mittens said...

ooooooohhh...good for you!
I had the best of intentions for getting away yesterday myself, but my hubby (and some kids) were also sick. FOILED.
And to top it off my hubby's 'sickness' was self-induced.

My 'getaway' today was going to church. Better than nothing, but there was no chocolate involved...*sigh*
Thanks for sharing =)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

I'm so proud of you...and slightly envious! I saw Choklat on TV this week and am so wanting to indulge!
Hope you feel recharged after your wonderful moments of solitude and indulgence....much deserved!