Sunday, April 19, 2009


Murder at the Mendel by Gail Bowen

I've decided that I've milked the vampire world for all its worth and I've moved back to mysteries. This one was interesting. Very Canadian and a lot of dead bodies littering the stage by the end. Interesting enough for me to want to read the next one anyway.

Last stop Sunnyside : a Dana Leoni mystery by Pat Capponi
More Canadian lit since I got my picks from CBC. The lead flirting with the detective which reminds me of another book I read recently but which I can't remember the name of which is kind of frustrating and is part of the impetus for me to write some of this down.
I've been doing some fun sewing too. I made some fun hats and then came up with this great idea for tshirts for their brothers. Pictures to come and more tshirts cause that part was really fun.

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Two Mittens said...

I managed to read Three Cups of Tea recently. I was amazed at all the little snippets of time I found to do it!
Have you read the Twilight books too? I haven't yet, but it sounds like a lot of fun.
More photos please!
Hope you have reached the end of your upchucking.