Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been reading

parenting books which is always dangerous. THis one was talking about the need to expose our children to nature (though I don't think it was advocating setting them adrift on an iceflow) so when the sky got dark and the thunder started we just stayed at the playground and watched and waited for it to start raining. Heidi, Emma and I were having a great time.. Zoe not so much but she was being a trooper nonetheless. By the time we headed home it was pouring and the parks people stopped to rescue us even after my first refusal of help. So we all jumped into the back seat of their truck even Fred and they loaded all our stuff in the truck and drove us home. It was fun too and afterwards I suggested the girls write a poem about it which they both were eager to do as long as they could write it themselves with Emma wanting some spelling help and some G's and N's from me. It was really good until she got frustrated trying to make a D and threw the whole thing away.

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Two Mittens said...

A summer rainstorm sounds like fun...unless it's the blow you away and you end up on top of a squished witch kind of storm. That can be bad. Parks and Rec to the rescue!!