Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It made me laugh

Yesterday we were playing hair salon and then fairies and then I started following Zoe around telling her "I love you" and holding onto her hand/clothes/whatever. It really started to drive her nuts and she even told me that we weren't playing anymore. I was right in her personal space and she never saw the irony. But I did.

Today we had Emma's first view of Kindgergarten: an open house. She seemed pretty at ease but i noticed she didn't really talk to the other kids just played by herself or with Zoe.


Mrs. M said...

That is funny!
I've tried whining to W when he's whiny...he laughs. Thinks it's hilarious. Stops whining too.
Don't worry about Emma. It's normal for her to play on her own or with Zoe on the first day. Give her some time...she'll love school & make many friends.

Two Mittens said...

Kids are just always missing the irony...ha! I would have laughed.

Emma will find her footing soon enough. And then your house will be full of 5yr old playdates and the such...hmmm!!! And soon Z will have some new little friends at playschool.