Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ever wondered what Survivor would look like with crafters?

Well wonder no longer. And we all get to vote too! Plus the winner each week provides a tutorial in howto.

I've made a few things while being sick these last few weeks though it was pretty desperate when I had time to myself and I didn't even want to sew.

My most successful is the vest; my attempts to add ruffles to tshirts are still not where I want them. And due to the influence of My Mama made it the leaves go all around the back.


bethany said...

Hi, I can't get your email from your profile. I am playing gift mail off at sewing dork. your comment is below mine and I need your mailing address. please email me at bethanypitman@gmail.com so I can get your gift sent out. :)

Mrs. M said...

Fun! I love My Mama Made It. She's one of my favs!