Friday, August 04, 2006

I never was the game player in my family - my brother was the one who used the Apple IIC for such diversions. So of course I suck and whenever I've been anywhere and tried to play a video game the 5 year olds are taking the controlers away from me in frustration. Well a couple years ago I bought my husband an XBox for his birthday and a snowboarding game came with it. Well I gave it a try and tried long enough to get reasonably good. At least good enough to want to keep playing (though at the beginning I had the tendency to move my body and the game controler like a steering wheel when I wanted my girl to turn). I haven't played for a while since I came to a plateau where I just couldn't seem to get any of the new tricks or Pro Runs or sponsors and I would get so angry there would be steam shooting out my ears. Since it was suppose to be a stress-reliever not a stress-creator I decided to walk away. But I'll be back.

Well today I got past the first level of the Dell game and I feel myself getting totally sucked in like a poor leaf flushed down the toilet.

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