Thursday, August 03, 2006

This morning I was feeling so BAD MOTHER-like to the kids. I was feeling selfish and impatient and since I just wanted to lie on the couch I let the MONKEY watch as much Max and Ruby as she could stand ( which turns out to be even more than I can take on a BAD MOTHER day).

Then just now I was putting the MONKEY to bed for a nap and I had to go downstairs and deal with her stinky big poo diaper (which since it was a cloth diaper was especially gross). Then when I returned she was pouring apple juice from the container onto her table. But instead of this pushing me further into the land of the trailer park it cheered me up. I grabbed two cloths by mistake and decided to give her one to assist cleaning up - which she adored and then took her into the bathroom to help her wash and wring out her cloth - which she also adored and then gave her a dry cloth to dry her table off.

In other news I gave the wee one a whole peach today for the first time since the MONKEY was playing with two apricots she absconded with from the fridge and which the wee one tried to nab from the MONKEY to no avail. She gorged herself and then the MONKEY gave her an apricot after all.

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Two Mittens said...

my guys usually fight with me when I try to clean them up after eating. the other day I let them have the cloth and they both polished off their highchair trays...and continued to wash the floor when they got down.

we've got to tap into this!