Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fred the calendar model

Yes it is true our very own Fred has been chosen to be Mr. January 10th. We are so proud.
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Recognize JANE AUSTEN's fancy hat S.B.?
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Jane Austen remarked the other night when her Daddy was showing her how to count to 5 on her fingers, "I have 5 fingers". That's my girl. You'll notice that she has broken the bad habit of referring to herself in the third person that I taught her by always referring to myself as Mommy.


Southern Mini said...

Congradulations to Fred. Perhaps someone will give me that calendar for Christmas. Very pretty sweet pea. Soooooooo smart!!

Two Mittens said...

Will Fred be pawing autographs?

Jane Austen is the best dressed girl on the block, as usual. And a smartie to boot!

bobsled2002 said...

That calender should get him a date for sure!!