Sunday, October 08, 2006

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Wow S-J has just had the second part of her non-fiction piece published. It is amazing to read; the power and poetry that S-J brings to these questions which are universal - how do we deal with what happened to the World Trade Centre on 9/11 - and the personal - how do we communicate what we really think and feel and want with the ones we love. It seems impossible that S-J and Eric can survive and yet they do with love beyond words; with a unity that defies all assumptions and is filled with incredible hope. This war in Iraq which battles and kills in such a distant disembodied way is our Vietnam. The planes crashing into the towers and the Pentagon and a field are our generation's defining moment. Each of us will at some point have to decide how we feel about what happened and what is happening in it's name. 40 Canadian soldiers have now died in Afghanistan in a fight which if nothing else will remind us that we are connected to the world of consequences.


Two Mittens said...

"we are connected to the world of consequences"

I am continually amazed that our country seems to be genuinely surprised when one of our soldiers is killed. Like, don't they know we're peacekeepers??

Southern Mini said...

I picked up your blog from my page. I wrote my garbled reflection on S-J essay and tried to say I thought the Americans carried thru on a promise to look out for peoples rights but maybe could have done it differently than bombing the heck out of everything. Are they any better than the people that committed 9-11.