Friday, October 06, 2006

Jane Austen

Jane Austen is now 31 months old. She can open doors - which makes it difficult to keep her in her room for her naps/quiet times which 4 out of 5 times now she hates and spends the entire time yelling for me and whining. The other time she falls most sweetly into slumber. It is stressful to listen and police her but I'm not willing to give up this break in the afternoon when the two girls are settled yet.

The last few days she has been categorizing everything into three camps: Daddy, Baby and a last and very least Mommy camp. For example her grape might be a Daddy grape and then another would be a baby grape. Sometimes there is a mommy grape but often there's not. Both her and Zoo get so excited when they see their Daddy lately - it's nice. I feel a bit of pressure released.

Now when we read books she's not so interested in the story as she is in telling me about all the different things in the picture; here's an example. "Farm. Lots of pears on the tree. Daddy pear. Bird standing on tree." I can't believe how fluent she is getting, it is amazing.

And Grandma you were right, she has potty trained herself. For me I've gotten her to pee in the potty once in the whole time we've been trying. Last night and again this morning she disappeared in the bathroom, took off all her clothes, peed, dumped it into and flushed the toilet then came and got us saying, "I peed" and then proceeded to do it twice more for our edification.

Her latest game with Miss Zoo is to stand on the back of her highchair and peek around at her which sends them both into fits of giggles. She is also acting as her sister's advocate letting us know when Miss Zoo wants ketchup or other such treats.
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Mom said...

Jane Austen is getting not only getting more vocal but her hair is amazing and I can just imagine her
new mastery of the English language. The potty training-- Hurrah and great tidings!!

Two Mittens said...

Wow. Potty training. Congrats!
It's amazing how more and more they become little people...farther and farther away from babies. Sometimes that is great and sometimes a little sad for mommy.
My little hooligans have both just screeched and screemed through their nap. They egg each other on to be naughty!