Friday, November 17, 2006


Last night I went for my first swimming lesson in 20 years. There were 4 students and three teachers so I ended up with my very own teacher in Basic Beginners. I learned so much. It was through the pilates class that I took three years ago that I first understood that I could control my body and how it moved. My awareness of my physical self just opened and so last night it felt natural to be aware of my hips and the angle of my neck. It felt uncomfortable as hell and completely different than how I had swum before. What an amazing thing to be able to do - and at my age! (that is somewhat tongue in cheek but there is a part of me that does think so).

Another thanks to Grandma L for all of the sweaters she has knitted for the girls (including SJ who were now also benefiting from) - according to our Family First Lady Linda most kids Jane's age aren't able to do up buttons but Jane with a fierce focus has mastered the art and then some.

Yesterday we were at the coffee party at the United church and after Jane and I were helping in the kitchen. Jane coughed into one of the tea towels and Marlene (who strikes me as being very similar to your Marlene Mom) told her that she shouldn't put it back with teh other tea towels. So I said that we would take them home and wash them (see Mom I have been paying attention). Marlene got a bag and got Jane to put them in for her, then she told her to help Mom at home with them. Well Jane will not let them out of her sight. They have been carried around in hte bag, they are strewn around the living room and this morning one was even going for a ride on the princess mobile. And her sister is also fascinated and this morning was trying to put the bag on her head!

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting thoughts on swimming. You make it sound like a lot of fun.

I can picture you in the old church basement from your story. Not that you are there, but that's what it looks like in my mind...