Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Jane was up six or seven times between 2 and 5 this morning. I'm getting to use to sleep for this. I thought it was bad the other night when Ihad to get up 3 times between the two of them - and one time it was because I'd given Zoo sour milk in her sippy cup so that one could hardly count. Well not only was Jane awake and upset (our new catchall phrase for everything from frustrated to fury - we've been working on giving names to emotions lately) she had gone into the living room turned on the light, hauled her chair from the living room to the kitchen so that she could climb up and turn on that light and retrieved the book, pencil and eraser that she had been playing with before bedtime. Hun got up with her the last time when I could hear her wandering the house but just didn't have the gumption to climb back out of bed again. This morning I see the cup I had given her some cheerios in on the big blue chair with the blue blanket so apparently she was settled in for some TV watching. She hasn't thankfully figured out the remote yet.
Zoo is having so much fun right now making coughing noises with her mouth wide open. She is sitting in her high chair wheilding the spoon from her oatmeal and thoroughly enjoying all its possible uses ...oh just went over the edge. She actually flung the soup I offered her last night from her highchair with a regal displeasure.
This is all possible because this weekend I received my Christmas/Next Birthday/Next Christmas present early.... A LAPTOP with a wireless router so I'm sitting here at the table in front of the SAD light writing to you all while half the household still slumbers and the pint size one is more or less amused by food. She takes after me and is ready to eat breakfast the moment she awakes. Jane is like her father and needs a good space of time before she is ready to imbide. However the Zoo grows impatient so I must bid you adieu.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME on the laptop! Sucks on the getting up all night.