Saturday, November 25, 2006

Toddler crafts

Today I did a couple of activities out of a book called "Toddler Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner. We did shaving cream finger painting. Zoo was asleep and so I was letting Jane add the food colouring to the shaving cream which made it messier than it would have been if I'd controlled the colour but it was all pretty easy to clean up except for her hands which got stained with the food colouring. But she really liked it and had a lot of fun; I enjoyed it too - neat colours. Then we tried a bug game which I admit amused me much more than anyone else in the family. Take an orange and put an old yogurt container over it on the floor. Draw a picture of a bug or bunny or whatever on the yogurt container and then slide it across the floor. The rolling of the orange makes the container move in a funny jerking kinds way which amused me to no end. The best seller for Jane and it amused her little sister for a while too was DUCT tape. (The duct tape prom dresses also amuse me to no end). I just kept giving them small pieces and Zoo would squish them adn Jane made a sculpture on the bottom of a yogurt container. Much fun. Jane and I went out to run errands and she fell asleep in the car on teh way to the airport - so now I know what i have to do if I want her to have a nap!

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Two Mittens said...

We miss you and the Christmas crafts we could be doing right now. It's fun that Jane is a little older and can do even more things. We are looking for ways to amuse ourselves!