Monday, December 11, 2006

It's been a while

Fudge. Fudge. Fudge. It is so cool. How can you tell I'm a child of the 80's - my so out of date words of exclamation. First it was a strange fascination with candy canes. They were fun to make but you had to work really fast because the candy needed to be pulled (like taffy) and got hard quickly. My mom helped. She's been helping a lot for the last two weeks. It has been so nice - I'm surprised we haven't completely worn her out. We did share our cold with her. But she is recovering along with the rest of us.

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Two Mittens said...

You have such great culinary adventures. We're barely getting cookies made over here. Maybe we will feel inspired by you...or maybe we will go to the store and buy some inspiration!