Monday, January 08, 2007

Music is the Gateway to the Soul

I'm reading this new book called, "This is your brain on Music" by Daniel Levitin and it inspiring me to get back to something I did when Jane was little which was to have daily music appreciation time. We'd just spend 20 minutes or so a day just listening to music. Mostly we listened to classical but I got some cds from the library of old blues and jazz. Now that I have the laptop there is a much easier solution - internet radio.
Try this out
I love the World section with everything from Hawaiian to French classics to African and SALSA - my favorite. And of course if you really like a song just a click of your mouse and you can purchase either the song or a whole album of the featured artist.

I found out about this site through BzzAgent. (let me know if you want a referral to join).


Two Mittens said...

We grew up listening to music, until we got a tv! I often wonder what effect that will have on my kids (tv everywhere). They certainly enjoy music, and I'd like to make it more of our lives as well.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Brilliant idea!
We've got to expand our repetoire from the Maritime Sponge Bob book that a grandparent gave us for xmas.