Saturday, March 31, 2007

Busy Day

E and I took back the bottles to the depot today. With the $24 and change we decided to go to the IGA and buy whatever we wanted:

- roasted chicken $8.99
- babybel mini goudas you know the ones in the red wax a big fav of Es. $6.09
- 2L Coke Zero for the hubby $1.69
- sheet of star stickers $.69
- Cadbury mini easter bunnies ?
- Candy easter eggs with reeses in the middle (E picked these out because the package was clear and she could see the blue ones) (they proved to be very hard to chew for poor Z and E soon requested the chocolate bunnies instead) $2.69
- Double cream for me $4.99
- 4L Homo milk $4.99
- Dark choc Kit kat $.99
- mini Sunrype real apple juice not from concentrate juice boxes (which E drank out of very well and even Z did okay until it proved just too tempting to squeeze it and watch it squirt) ?

Well we spent $34 but a yummy supper was had by all.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Fun! It's fun to have those random shopping adventures once in a while. Especially when there is a little person to assist with the never know what will end up in your cart.

Two Mittens said...

There is something oddly intriguing about lists. Other people's lists. I've seen a whole website dedicated to it.

I like your chocolate easter purchases. Mmmmmmm! I can't resist the little eggs.