Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm back

First I was just not feeling motivated and then the wireless router stopped working and so it's been quite a while. I often think of things I should write about here but alas they're all gone now. So the update. We've bought a place and are moving to Grimshaw June 1st. Grimshaw is about 20 minutes down the road and is where we've already been going to church. Also it is where my cousin and her husband live. It's smaller only 2000 people so I'm sure we'll be back to the Peace lots but it does have a rhymes group and a story time at the library and a pre-school - though I think I'll wait another year before putting E in. E is now officially 3 and Z is officially 1.5. Z is taking lots of steps and we can almost call her walking though she still drops to a crawl when needing to get somewhere fast. we've been hanging out lots at the toy library and at the new Parent Link drop-in play centre. We still have snow though it is melting and we've swapped the sled for the chariot (which I had to dig out of a huge pile of snow in the backyard - it was completely covered except for the handle bar). In on a high pno sugar sleep lots thing after reading "Lights out - sleep, sugar and survival" her basic argument is that we evolved to eat and sleep with the seasons and now with the relatively recent arrival of abundant light and food we have convinced our bodies that it is permanent summer - which means we are in high-stress, fat conserving mode all the time. This started by reading Suzanne Summers "Ageless" where she advocats going to bed between 9 and 10pm everynight as a way to lose weight. And to sleep in complete darkness in order for hormone production to work optimally. One of the things is not to turn on the light when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom because it causes your brain to think it is morning and stops making melatonin. It is not without controversy there is website devoted to debunking Summers and Wiley though mostly about their ideas of natural hormone replacement for menopausal women. Anyway I've also been reading about wonder foods again - wheat germ and the white stuff on oranges...walnuts and beans. Throw in some attempts to pack for the move and pare down our belongings, and that's been my life for the last month or so.


Two Mittens said...

So happy you're back...miss you!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Welcome back!
I don't envy your preparations for's a lot of work. However, it'll be nice to be in your own place & closer to your cousin.