Monday, April 30, 2007

I have nothing witty to say

washing dishes
chin hairs
Can you guess?


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

I'm at a loss.

Two Mittens said...

You were having a zen moment while washing dishes, wishing you had a dishwasher, while E was wishing she had a dragon, and then you had an epiphany that you should get pregnant like Elizabeth on the View, or maybe apply to be the next co-host when Rosie leaves...???

Am I close?

Peace Sweet Peas said...

You're very close Mittens (speaking of which that is a very knitting kinda name!)

The first is that I'm trying to see my dishwashing time as an enjoyable down time for myself. You will notice the word trying but it is better than before.

Second E loves pretending she is a dragon and this is a pic of my favorite cartoon of the moment "Jane and the Dragon"

Third as I was writing I was obssessing about my chin hairs and according to google image so were Rosie and guests.