Wednesday, July 04, 2007


After two months of inhaling food - anything and everything - I'm back on my project to lose the belly. My sciatica still acts up after even a couple days of mild exercise which really puts a cramp on the exercise side of things. My replacement food is fruit. I love all the berries and cherries and watermelon and apricots that are out right now; so I'm snacking away on them at will. I had gotten down to 123 but I'm back up to 128.5 and my goal is 120 by Z's birthday.


Two Mittens said...

I'm stress eating right now. Just in general - with the craziness of life with the 3 kids at the moment. Pass the ice-cream please!
You're doing much better than me.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Stress eating. Aarrggh! It's consuming me...well, I'm consuming everything.Evenings are the worst, especially around dinner time. How to stop it? I don't know because even as I'm inhaling everything I am thinking about how awful it is to eat so much.
Good for you Mrs. Sweetpeas! It's wonderful that you're making the effort to take care of yourself.