Sunday, July 08, 2007

Going on a date

127lbs... though it was wavering between 127 and 127.5

Going out for Chinese food buffet with T. We have an amazing new babysitter here. We met her at church and she always plays with the kids so much at church. And tonight she came over so I could start painting before we went out. Finally I was ready to start... and it started to rain! It was just sprinkling so I carried on for a bit but I was getting rain spots on the paint. I painted the area around the electrical meter and outdoor water tap that our pilot/handyman/carpenter Kevin fixed for us.

I haven't been around many Kevin's and it is kinda bittersweet as it makes me think of what my brother's life could have been.

One day at the UFA (while pricing out paint ... lets just say we went to a lot of different stores and there was a lot of deliberation about color) I indulged the girls with some horses from Schleich
True to form E wanted a Mommy horse and a baby horse and Z wanted two identical ones.

I have one pair of shorts and thought I could use another pair so as is my wont, a lot of surfing compensed. The upshot is that I can never make up my mind. I found a fun fashionista site here

Okay time to go...

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

We love the Scheich toys too! It's a special treat. We started collecting them right after W was born and he gets one at each event (Christmas & Bday). Lately his favorite is the moose which he calls "Oh Doe" (aka...deer).
Hope you had a great date! Good Chinese is always enjoyable. Congrats on being closer to your weight goal. Every bit deserves a celebration.
Missing brothers....I undertand the bittersweetness of's always sad regardless of how much time has gone by to wonder & miss what could have been & what was.