Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm hungry. I'm procrastinating about going to bed. I have razor rash and a big lump in my mattress. Was feeling sorry for myself earlier but better now except I'm hungry, I don't want to go to bed but I'll be sorry tommorrow when the girls get up early and I keep poking at my red bumps. How's that for too much information!

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lol!! Oh that barely rates as too much info...take it from the Too Much Info Queen!
Razor bumps...tried aloe vera? Or diaper rash cream? I use a natural product called Baby Balm ( Canadian product, I buy it at Superstore or any health food store) on my boys bottoms and tried it for myself. It's pretty good. My hubby uses it after shaving too.
Hope you were able to find some peaceful sleep!