Friday, October 19, 2007


Today driving back from Rhymes Time at ParentLink I had the urge to get a job. Just a little absence makes the heart grow fonder. Last weekend T and I were talking about me training to work as a EMR which is what he did. I was thinking about just day work but T suggested that I think about doing three weeks on with one week off for the winter season. This wouldn't be until the girls are in school and T would have to run the show with some before and after school care. This appeals to me in that I wouldn't have to work the rest of the year and I wouldn't have to cope with coming home at the end of a work day and trying to figure out what to make for supper. Also the job entails about two hours of work in each 12 hour shift. The rest of the time you have to be ready to deal with emergencies but I could knit, read, study, pilates to my hearts content. The hardest thing to cope iwth on the job is the boredom - but wow some alone time sure sounds good right now and it would be great to have the summers off to be with the girls.


Two Mittens said...

I used to think being a 'working' mom would be the toughest job around. Now I think getting paid to get out of the house might not be so bad...!!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So brave! Even after being out of the workplace for such a short time the thought scares me.
Plus I get nothing done now, imagine what a mess the house would be then?