Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Little Z Girl

It has been a lot of fun having E in school and getting to spend more time alone with Z. She is talking up a storm, she is stealing her sister's best lines. Today when I was trying to wash her face she said, "Stop hurting me" E's favorite tactic to try and get me to stop whatever it is that I'm doing. We've been fighting and fighting the diaper battle which I tried to turn into potty training unsucessfully. So tomorrow she has to get dressed complete with diaper AND pants before she can watch TV. All prayers will be gratefully accepted.


Two Mittens said...

When I tried to encourage B to get dressed he just ended up with his shirt around his waist (the neck hole). R can barely find the arm hole.We're a lost cause so far. Diapers, no way.
Little Z is way up on us!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Oh Z isn't dressing herself yet. Though she is starting wanting to. No the battle is to get her to let me dress her.