Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howl-een

The first day Z screamed for 2 hours but today she got dressed without a cry! She even picked out a dress to wear with a smile on her face. Of course I'm saying all this knocking on wood. Yesterday at E's halloween party at nursery school Z was so very unhappy and cried for most of it. She was having a great time at gymnastics and changed into her costume (Tinkerbell - tights and her bathing suit) no problem but then when I went to put on my sari the trouble began and no amount of going for walks, just letting her cry it out, holding her, bribing her with cupcakes seemed to help. In the end she fell asleep on my lap during circle time. And then with the amazing ability kids have, after a cranky day in the evening she was so happy and having so much fun with her sister.

I've finished a new hat for Z from the itty bitty hats just need to block it and am working on one for E. Have most of the hat done and have just frogged the scarf this morning because it was too many stitches on my needles and proving too difficult to work with. E's pattern didn't include a scarf but Z's did so E wanted to have one too. So I'm making one using up bits and pieces of yarn from my stash. For Z's I had just enough yarn and I mean just enough, I was scrounging for the last couple of pieces to stitch it together from the long tails I'd left while knitting.

I've been trying again to get the pics from the big computer but two days ago the CD I was burning crashed. I'm getting past frustrated to a zone of denial. I really want to post some videos. I was watching a bunch again chosing the pics to burn to CD and they are so much fun. Wow I love these girls.

Happy Halloween to all. Try not to eat more candy then the kids!

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