Friday, November 02, 2007


My children are never eating candy again! I never really believed that my kids got hyper after eating sugar (Ah Crystal I can hear you laughing at me 1000 km away). For two days they have been so unbelievable. I volunteered at E's school yesterday which gave her license to act out to the max (so much so that the teacher asked me to trade my tuesday volunteer shift because the inspector is coming!) and of course Z was having her issues too. By noon I was exhausted. Lisa came to the rescue around 4 and gave me the idea to go for a drive to the lake. Success Z fell asleep first and then just before we got home E fell asleep too.

And now since Halloween is done my thoughts turn to Christmas. It is such a cliche but I just can't help myself. I found a pattern for the most darling ballet slippers to make for E who is rather fond of pretending to be one.


Two Mittens said...

My boys love being in the van now. They are totally happy to go for a ride anytime. (they an watch a movie).
It's so nice!

And on to Christmas...B is missing his pumpkinheads (jack o'lanterns) so we told him we'll get Christmas lights soon.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Candy is evil! I once gave W M&M's (just a few) and he was crazy! Angry-happy-angry all at the same time. I finally put him to bed (2 hrs early) and vowed never to do that again. Ugh!
We're so excited about the "pretty lights" for Christmas as W is requesting "Ween Houses" but they're all packed up now.
Very cute slippers. Here's some for you!