Sunday, November 25, 2007

snow days

We are slowly being blanketed by the white fluffy stuff. Luckily my 1940's beaver coat complete with hood and muff has arrived. I test drove it yesterday taking Fred for a long walk and it was toasty warm. I have been so lethargic and the girls are sick and so we are spending a lot of time at home. I made E a mermaid costume this morning from a garbage bag. I've seen a pattern to knit one but considering how happy she is with the garbage bag and how long a knitted one would take to make I think we will stick with this version. I made some fish tails and stuffed them with paper for the bottom to stick out the back but E has decided she would rather have her feet in them so it is probably a good thing that I don't have too much invested in how she uses it. Little Z is so sick and wants lot of cuddles; she is all nestled up beside me on the couch. T and E went out yesterday and Z and I had some fun at home. I've really been trying to follow her lead more when we're playing and spending time just focused on her not trying to get other things done (and since my motivation to get "other things" done is at an pretty low ebb this is a good fit).

I made a pear, sweet potato, yogurt, ginger smoothie this morning that looked beautiful and tasted not bad but the girls weren't going to give it a try. Z suffered through my incredibly thick over the top too many ingredients attempt yesterday. Mrs. Mittens I definitely need some smoothie tips.

Anyone else feeling stressed/obsessive about Christmas gifts?


Two Mittens said...

You are always full of fun ideas with the kidlets! Lucky girls.
We hope Z is feeling better. We're just getting over colds and flu here too.

As for smoothies, I've made some thick gooey ones myself. Now I make sure I add lots of liquid. Even just more water if I use yogurt. I like the thinner consistency. Sounds like you are doing some fun combinations.
I also try to do a bit of a 'theme'. Like green and fresh (spinach, cucumber, lemon, etc) or yummy sweet/spice (pumpkin or sweet potato, cinnamon, banana, maybe yogurt).

We have 3 parties this weekend. After that I will officially start to freak out over gifts!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Funnily enough I just purchased smoothie ingredients today with the intent to get more goodness into myself and W. Beets...ahh! You're brave. Love the color, not so big on the tast, unless of course they're in cake! And I wonder why I have a weight problem?
Christmas...I'm going for a clutter-free gift giving Christmas. Consumable, useable or an item that the recipient really, really wants. Thankfully our families pick gift giving themes each year, which makes it much easier and fun.
The mermaid day is too cute! Your girls are lucky to have a mom who will get involved with their play & creativity. They'll have such good memories of these times when they're older.