Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kids Movies

And the nominees for best Kids animated movie for toddlers:


2) Ratatouie

3) Shrek 3

I probably liked Ratatouie the best for the first time watching but as we know the best kids movie has to stand up to multiple viewings....hmmm I'm not sure between Cars and Shrek 3, Shrek has an advantage as we've only had it since Christmas so I haven't seen it that many times but I like the humor in it and when the Queen bashes down the walls of their prison with her head! But CARS is such a good story and there are so many layers to it. So I have to go with.....


Two Mittens said...

I think Cars wins at our house. It really is so well done.
D and I really enjoyed Ratatouie but I think it's a bit too old for the kids.
We haven't seem Shrek 3.

We have been enjoying Ice Age and Tarzan lately too.

I guess you can vote when you get here!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

It's tie here between Shrek and Cars. I've yet to see the ending of Cars but someone I know says it brings a tear to his eye!
W now requests which Shrek he wants..."Farquad or Princent Charming" and he acts out the Frank the Combine scene from Cars with his toy combine...which I thought was kinda scary for a little fella but he wants the tractor scene played over and over and over again...thank goodness it was only a rental DVD!